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Henry's profile and story by Akeudi Henry's profile and story by Akeudi
Name: Henry
Height: 1,17 meters (approx. 3’10’’)
Age: 11 years old
Function given by Mudd: "Understanding"

Story: when he was 10, his father died in a plane crash. Two months after the funeral he met Floating Plastic Bag With Water Inside near the cemetery. They were both lost in life, so Henry adopted him as a pet and renamed him Queehi, which was easier to remember. Together, they began to travel from Mokomo, their home town, to the Heaven of the Green Stars, where they could live in peace and forget their old lives. Through the really long way, other friends appeared and started to travel by his side, many of which got to their destinations before Henry did. But there were two who also headed to the Heaven of the Green Stars: Sooper Scissors and Duck Tape. There were some friends who were by his side for a long time. Among them were the gatekeeper of Gutandam, Darren, the twin storytellers of Ilhain, Guth and Fröunf, and a girl that was lost in the Hreegher woods, Ami. Henry was wandering through the road for almost a year, and he met a lot of people. The roads were long and lonely, so they always moved in groups, and Henry was happy for it. He had survived alone before he met Queehi, and he didn’t want to repeat the experience. And after so much time traveling to the Heaven of the Green Stars, Henry began to think there was something wrong with the world.

Personality: Henry always liked his father, and he misses him a lot, although he never expresses it. He can be very coldhearted, but he is sympathetic to all of those who shared his experience. He is extremely interested in airplanes, and he wanted to be a pilot, just like his father. After he died, Henry was always wearing a pilot uniform in his memory. He always enjoyed traveling, because he saw it as an entertainment, but his trip to the Heaven of the Green Stars was more a burden than anything else. Due to his hard time, the boy have become calm and depressed, but, more than ever, concerned about the safety of his true friends.

He's a peachivore, which means he only eats peaches.


1.Henry: Not very strong, he is usually protected from the world by his traveler companions. He’s a little faster than the average, and has a great balance, but he’s still a small kid, and isn’t prepared to face the reality around him. A very good listener, he notices the small sounds of nature around him. When he’s sad, he often brings himself to the world inside his head, where freedom is the law and fantasy rules over reality. Although he’s just a kid, he’s very smart compared to most adults. He tries to protect his friends at all cost and would give away his life for any of them.

2.Queehi: Just like his real name implies, he’s made of plastic and lives with an amount of water inside. Being his only friend, he protects Henry with his life. He doesn’t fly, and the maximum height he can float is 30 meters, more or less (approx. 9’5”). Up to that height, he can carry Henry’s weight, but Queehi doesn’t have a way of holding him, so it depends on how much Henry can hold himself, which is about a minute (on a normal situation).

3.Duck Tape: The team’s medical support, he will fix anything but himself. Although his duct tape doesn’t have an amount limit, he will divide into two smaller parts if cut in half. He was heading to the Heaven of the Green Stars alone, when Henry, Queehi and Darren found him lost in the way. He’s not very fond of them, to the point where he would leave them at any time, but he’s grateful that they could travel along, so he helps when they need.

4.Sooper Scissors: Contrary to her name, she’s just normal scissors that fell from a traveler’s bag. Not being able to walk on her own, she waited for another traveler for almost 3 weeks before Henry, Queehi, Darren, Duck Tape and Camille found her at the edge of the road. At first she was very talkative, for being alone for so much time, but after some time, she only spoke if necessary. She doesn’t have a much strong personality, and she does almost anything for Henry, out of gratitude. Not being super, she will break rather easily, but Duck Tape is always there to fix her.

My oc for :icontbos-oct:

introduction part 1: [link]
introduction part 2: [link]
introduction part 3: [link]
profile: [link]
body reference: [link]

(c) ~Akeudi
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